Welcome to Ipswich School Museum and Archives online

From humble beginnings in a box room in the tower, the school archives have grown rapidly in both volume and importance since the 1980s, when the late headmaster and scientist-turned-Suffolk historian, Dr. John Blatchly, undertook the herculean task of creating a new museum to show our history to the school and the outside world. Dr. Blatchly’s work in collecting and cataloguing artefact's from around the globe led in 2007 to the opening of the ‘New Morfey Rooms’, named after Old Ipswichian Wallace Morfey, a pioneer in gathering Ipswich School records. Morfey’s spidery handwriting preserves names and fragments from the past which would otherwise almost certainly have been lost. Once the music practice rooms of the old Prep School, the school museum now provides a walk through history, from the beginnings of the school in 1200 to the present day. Its visitors include very elderly old boys, their young descendants, former and current schoolchildren, and local groups.

A recent and extremely generous grant has now allowed the beginning of the process of digitisation, which will give those further afield the chance to browse the collection and explore the schooldays of their relatives. Or rediscover their own. A selection of photographs, artefacts, and school magazines has been scanned to create the online museum and we hope that with further grants we can expand this exciting project. Should you wish to contact the museum or help us add to the site, please contact the school Development Office on 01473 298961 or archive@ipswich.school. In the meantime, we ask that you bear with us while the pages beyond are under construction and we thank all those whose help and support have made this possible.